DeFi the Hard Way

Notes and Things to Think About

There are 2 "direct" ways to get money into Giddy.

Bank ACH - Most reliable form today, but it's going to make you wait 5-15 days for the transaction to clear.

Credit Card - Very spotty as some credit card companies refuse to allow crypto transactions and purchases. But if you do get it to work you can withdraw immediately for a small credit card fee.

You will want to create an account on or for our guide we are going to show you in this guide.

Setup your Payment Method

Once your account is created you will want to select your profile and then follow the screenshots below in order


Payment Methods

Add Account

Select Payment Method

Buy Crypto

Once you pick one of the payment methods and they are verified you can follow the steps below.

Buy Crypto

Select Currency

Change from BTC to MATIC

Set the dollar amount you want to purchase and the payment method you setup previously

Confirm the purchase

Most likely get an error, it's ok it also most likely worked!

Go check your wallet and see if it actually did work (might take a few mins to process)

Withdraw Your Crypto

Most Exchanges will hold your crypto for 5-10 days before they let you withdraw it so after waiting the appropriate days you will want to withdraw your MATIC to the polygon network Follow the steps below.

Click on Withdraw

Select MATIC to Withdraw

Input amount to withdraw and select Polygon Network, the network is important make sure you get it right.

Copy address from MetaMask (whatever wallet you use) and enter it in Binance

Follow all the prompts between your wallet and binance to confirm the withdrawal, check your wallet to see the deposit and withdrawals status.

Next Steps Giddy Coin dApp Guide

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