NOTE: You must unstake your LP to begin this process.

  1. Go to SushiSwap and select Legacy and then Import, can also use this link Find Pool | Sushi 
  2. Select top token, set it to USDC
  3. Select Second Token, click "Manage Token Lists"
  4. Set toggle at the top from Lists to Tokens

  5. Paste    0x67eB41A14C0fe5CD701FC9d5A3D6597A72F641a6   in the search

  6. Click Giddy Coin

  7. Import Coin

  8. Select Manage this Pool

  9. Select the drop down for USDC-GIDDY

  10. Select Remove

  11. Enter the Percent you want to remove, up to 100%.

  12. Click Approve and Confirm between your wallet and the prompts until the transaction goes through.